Proposed Supermarket (Pak Foods)

Fifty five local people turned up to a public meeting organised by the Forest Fields Improvement Association at the Forest Fields Community Centre to discuss their concerns about a planning application by Pak Foods for a 300 sq metre supermarket on the current site of the garage on Berridge Road at the junction of Lesley Rd.

A new proposal has been submitted concerning the development of the service garage at the junction of Berridge Road and Leslie Road with the demolition of the garage and 2 semi detached houses and the building of 4 apartments, 4 retail units, which may at a later date be converted into a large supermarket and parking spaces. FFIA held a public meeting this October and 28 people attended and concerns were discussed. A smaller meeting was convened by the FFIA with the developer and architect with some local people in attendance the following Tuesday which proved constructive. Cllr Carole Jones informs us the proposal and objections will go to full planning committee probably before Christmas.

The meeting felt a picket and discussion with local councillors would be appropriate at their Saturday surgery. However the Pak Foods withdrew their application the next day.

A six person delegation from the meeting met the three Forest Fields City Councillors that Saturday to explain their concerns regarding increased traffic and impact on the area.