The Great CCTV debate

Following a proposal of CCTV cameras for our area by the Police, local councillors and some local people. Alot of local people voiced their objections and a vote was conducted by the City Council. The people for CCTV were in a small majority. We as a group could not find concensus on this matter and didn’t have time to come to a group decision. If you have a view you can either make a comment here or see a local councillor at their Saturday morning surgery at the Office called “NG7” near the Link Up charity shop on Berridge Road. The group has regular meetings with the Inspector of Radford Road Police Station and Community Police Officers. see Indymedia reporting of this Public Meeting and proposed locations :

an interesting article on the matter can be found at the link below

Poles have now been put up and a mobile camera can be put on them if requested.

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